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Norma (ノーマ Nōma?) is the name given to those who are born without the ability to use Light of Mana. Like the Ancient Humans, they cannot use Mana and will destroy anything made out of Mana just simply by making physical contact with it. Unlike Ancient Humans, Norma can be born of parents that can use Mana and are an example of a genetic throwback to the time where all humans couldn't use mana. Only females can be Norma, the reason why is unknown.


Considered to be "Human degenerates," as they labelled "instinctively violent and antisocial monsters," Norma are able to break through the "Light of Mana", and because of this they are feared as a dangerous presence that could destroy the social system. Norma seem to only be females for some reason, yet the reason why hasn't been elucidated at all. Due in part because they can't accept Mana, they have to be constrained in childhood and isolated from society as soon as they are discovered. Day-to-day quarantine officers have cracked down on finding individuals who are Norma.[1]

List of Norma


The word "Norma" is possibly derived from the word "Normal".

Tusk is technically a Norma-Ancient Human hybrid as he was born from his mother Vanessa who is a Norma.


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  2. Introduced as a Norma, later revealed to be a DRAGON in human form.

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