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The Navel Vessels (へそ 船 Heso-sen?) are Mana powered ships featured in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Special Equipment and Features


  • Missiles
  • Mana-powered Drones


A Navel Fleet was sent out to "rescue" the Norma at Arzenal, led by Emperor Julio. However, their true goal was to kill every Norma on the island. (CROSS ANGE: "Her Right Arm's Past")

Much of the fleet is destroyed by Ange while piloting the Villkiss as it is protected by a light barrier. (CROSS ANGE: "Arzenal in Flames")

Known Ships

  • Defiant (Destroyed)
  • Mariposa (Destroyed)
  • Fortunate (Destroyed)
  • Olbert (Destroyed)


Notes & Trivia


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