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Miranda Campbell (ミランダ・キャンベル Miranda Kyanberu?) is a supporting character that appears in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series. She is a recruit who was assigned at the same time as Coco at Arzenal. She is a Norma who pilots the Para-mail AW-CBR115 Glaive.

Personality & Character

She strives to work hard under former First Troop Captain Zola. She didn't want preferential treatment.

Skills and Abilities


She was a new cadet, and also taught Ange how to shop. (CROSS ANGE: "Unyielding Spirit")

After Coco's death, she tries to stop Ange from deserting, but was ejected from her Paramail, and devoured by Scuna-class DRAGON's. (CROSS ANGE: "Villkiss Awakens")




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