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The Enryugo (焔龍號 Enryuugou?) is a Type-0 Prototype Ryuu-Shin-Ki that appears in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series. It is piloted by Salamandinay, a DRAGON.[1]

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The first unit of the Ryuu-Shin-Ki, it was built specifically for Salamandinay. It surpasses the Ragna-mail in terms of thrust, close combat, gun-power, and is an adaptable, universal machine in every situation in war.[1]

Special Equipment and Features

From the Old World, its equipped with an ultimate weapon, the Space-time Convergence Cannons'.[1]


  • Decayed Particle Convergence Cannon "Seiran" (w/ Anti-Armor Bayonet "Shinden")
Like other machines from the DRAGON dimension, the Enryugo possesses a large rifle that is able to fire a large energy beam. Unique to this rifle is that it also has a blade attached to it for close quarters combat. However, it's rate of fire is slow, and it's sheer size hinders movement.
  • Laminated Forged Photon Blade "Tenrai"
Like other machines from the DRAGON dimension, the Enryugo has a yellow colored emblem mounted on it's right arm, which can extend into a blade for close quarters combat when needed.
  • Beam Sub-machine Pistol
Like other machines from the DRAGON dimension, the Enryugo has a beam sub-machine pistol mounted on it's left arm. Unlike the Beam Rifle, it can fire small energy beams in quick succession.
  • Space-time Convergence Cannons
The Enryugo's greatest weapons is the Space-time Convergence Cannons concealed in in each of it's shoulders. In order to charge them the pilot needs to sing the "True Star Song" as a power source, which causes the Ryuu-Shin-Ki to temporary turn gold. This weapon has proven to be powerful enough to almost completely destroy two squadrons of Para-mail, along with half of Arzenal in the process. However, it takes longer for it to charge its Space-time Convergence Cannons than it would take on a Ragna-mail.



Notes & Trivia

  • "Enryu" (焔龍) means "flame dragon", which is fitting, since its pilot's name, Salamandinay, is derived from Salamander, the legendary flame lizard.


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