The EM-CBX001 Hysterica (ヒステリカ Hisuterika?) is a Ragna-mail that appears in the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon television series. It is "piloted" by Embryo. An absolute weapon built by Embryo, it was used to end war.[1]

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Special Equipment and Features


  • Beam Sword
  • Beam Rifle
  • Figurehead Beam Gun

The figurehead of the Hysterica can fire out a small anti-personnel beam.

  • Beam Sheild
The beam shield generator is on each of its forearms. The beam shield can effectively block most beam and physical attacks, but can fluctuate if the attacks are too powerful.
  • Space-time Convergence Cannons
Several hidden, concealed weapons are built into each of the Hysterica's shoulders and lower wings. They can only be activated when the "Endless Song" is sung. Unlike regular Para-mails and Ragna-mails the Hysterica's lacks the ability to store weapons in its wing binders as it possesses extra Space-time Convergence Cannons in place of them.


Embryo arrived in time to stop Ange from killing Julio in the Villkiss. Instead he kills Julio himself by using the high-yield weapon, so Ange herself wouldn't dirty her hands by committing such an act. Afterwards he tries attacking Tusk who had fired at him. (CROSS ANGE: "Arzenal in Flames")


Notes & Trivia

  • Unlike other Ragna-mail it doesn't turn gold when it uses its Space-time Convergence Cannons.



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